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Conveniently Located in Susanville, CA and Serving All of Lassen County!

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Our Mission

Step into our amazing storage world right here in Susanville, CA, and all across Lassen County! We’re not just about storing stuff – we’re all about you! 

Our self-storage space is highly monitored, and our friendly team is here to make your storage experience the best ever. 

We’re like your storage superheroes, always on a mission to give you the coolest deals and the friendliest service. 

Ready to make storage simple and fun? Call us or hop online today – your extra space adventure begins now!

Why Choose Better Choice Storage?

Customer Service

We are DEDICATED to customer service. 

We are COMMITTED to offering you exceptional value. 

Not satisfied with something? Let us know! 

We are always looking for feedback to make the improvements YOU want to see. 

Book and Pay Online

Our online software is very simple to use. 

Access it via phone, tablet or computer. 

Prefer to speak with someone directly? 

No worries, we have that too!


Here in Susanville, we thrive off of the families that built these businesses in our neighborhood.

We, are no different. 

We are a family owned business, determined to give back to the community every which way possible. 

Referral Program

What better way to show you we appreciate you than with a referral program?

We are so proud of the work we have put in, we're ready to show it off. 

What other storage facility is willing to reward their tenants?

...we'll wait. 

All the Convenience and Security You Need

Great Customer Service
Digital Video Surveillance
Online Bill Pay
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